Monday, 30 December 2013

The Laurels

About a  month ago we decided to go for a country drive out to Warwick which is a few hours west of home.  We stopped in at Boonah on the way and discovered a Flying Fox colony right behind the tourist information centre where we had lunch.  As usual the noise was incredible but it was lovely to see a healthy colony in a position that for once doesn't seem to cause trouble with residents.

It was a perfect sunny day and not too hot for a gentle stroll around a garden.  This was one of the first Open Gardens I'd been to that was made by a professional gardener; who incidentally had featured in a book on Australian gardens that I'd read only a few weeks prior.  As to be expected, the garden was gorgeous and had a little of something for everyone and some thoughtful elements in terms of design, sustainability and practicality.

Old shed converted to a chook house
Herb forage for the chooks

A sheep that won't eat all your prized ornamentals

Fluffy bottomed trio of lawn manicurists

The woodland walk
Homemade garden ornaments

Stunning fountain at the formal front entrance

Ahhhh symmetry and stachys - what more could you want?
This hedge formation elongates a narrows space and directs the eye while also dividing the space into rooms in their own right

Giving sedum the boot
Walkway to the garage and backyard
Wall garden made from a pallet
Outdoor area - there are wisteria planted to grow over the pergola which is made from recycled timber as are most of the structures in the garden
Guarding the entrance to the backyard
Even the fountain is homemade

Treehouse and mini deck chairs in the front garden

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Grandad's Garden

In memory of my grandad who passed away last week in Morrinsville, New Zealand.

I took these photos of his home garden the day before he passed.  Grandad's garden still has a great influence on my passion for the natural beauty of plants and love of neat rows and measured spacings in the vegie patch.

Grandad at 82 helping us lay a path at our old place