Wednesday, 26 December 2012

A chook christening conundrum

My sister recently bought some Blue Laced Gold (and one Splash Laced) Wyandotte chooks from the lovely Sam at Vicuna Valley Alpaca and Poultry Farm (the same place I got my alpaca fleece from) and is stuck for names.  One has turned out to be a rooster but is staying for now.  He hasn't started crowing yet but may need to go if he does find his voice and uses it to annoy the neighbours like some awful drunken karaoke singer deciding to make up his own tune at 3 o'clock in the morning.  In the meantime he's also in need of a name.  So far only one of the hens has managed a monicker and that's pumpkin:
Pumpkin the Splash Laced Wyandotte
Here are the nameless nesters (and rooster) - please leave a comment if you can think of a name for any or all of them no matter how weird or wonderful.  Hubby's suggestion was to continue the cucurbit theme and name them squash, zucchini and melon.

Chook 1
Chook 2


  1. Have you chosen names? Our girls are Arabella, Harriet, Millicent and Moneypenny [she was named by Mr12 who was annoyed we didn't take him to see the latest James Bond].

  2. Unfortunately I think they're still nameless. I love Moneypenny as a name - good on Mr12. Kids often think up the best names, not that the others are bad names by any stretch either. Imagination must run in the family.


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