Friday, 15 February 2013

B-lime-y that galls me

Finally the tahitian lime tree has set fruit!  The recent rains have sent it sprouting shoots everywhere and now setting fruit.  I've also cleared a circle around the plant and mulched it to stop the grass from overgrowing the poor shallow root system.  In the process I also found the mound had been converted into green ant international headquarters which can't have been helping either.  To help it along that little bit more I've been trying to keep it well fed with my own worm wee and some free horse poo tea (thanks Green Dean).

Alas since starting to write this post the "large" fruit at the bottom has dropped off.  The top few are still clinging to the branch; however, so here's hoping they will stay put.

The lemon tree is also going well and despite being the second last planted it has been the first to set and hold its fruit.  The two largest are just starting to yellow up.  The sooner the better too as I get through quite a lot of lemons in salad dressings, drinks and cleaning the bathroom and toilet.

I've discovered a new pest on my citrus that I've never had before: citrus gall wasp.  This morning I had to snip off a few of the new branches to prevent further infestations of this little blighter.  This branch has a lemon developing on the end so I'll take my chances and leave it until after I've picked the fruit.

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