Wednesday, 23 October 2013

First harvest from the potager

Over the weekend we had our first harvest from the new vegie patch.  The tiny seedlings planted out a few weeks ago are thriving despite the dry and hot weather.  We've been watering nearly every day to keep everything going in anticipation of some rain.

We had a single day of light rain and a flash storm last week but barely enough rain to put any water in the tanks.  Showers are forecast for the rest of the week but the hope of rain and any sign of a puff off cloud seems to dissipate on a daily basis.

We hadn't had much success with asian greens at our old place - ending up with bitter leaves that were inedible.  I'm not sure what was causing it - lack of water, harvesting to late or some nutrient deficiency or imbalance.  A lovely friend raised some seedlings in a tray for us and these are from her plants.  The leaves were lovely and crunchy with a beautiful green flavour.  We added them in right at the end to our stirfry on Sunday night along with some mustard leaves which also came from the garden.  It's so good to have homegrown vegies again.

A special thank you to Erin for raising the pak choy seedlings for us (and the pumpkin too)

We have rainbow chard, tomatoes, yacon, corn, rocket and pumpkin all on the way too so we're looking forward to some yummy dinners in the next month or so.


  1. You did well. Dry weather and hordes of fiendish tiny beasties took the lot last week lol. Oh we still have some bush beans.

    1. Hooray for beans! I've been spotting little grasshoppers around the place but thankfully they haven't discovered the tasty delights of the veg patch just yet. The dam level is getting lower and lower but we've been told it was made quite deep so hopefully we'll pull through until some rain arrives. Then no doubt it'll be refilled overnight to overflowing and we'll get to test out the overflow the last owners put in before selling.

      I hope you're safe from fires at your place. There have been some here but none near our place thankfully.

    2. Good to hear. We're up a ridge near Mt Burrell / Sphinx Rock so have been lucky fire and flood wise in the five years we've been here.

      Rained enough for two showers from our tank this week yay!

    3. Hope your luck holds; and it looks like it is judging by that beautiful big green splodge on the weather radar. :) Just wish I could nudge it north a tiny bit.


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