Thursday, 4 September 2014

Springtime at Colliwat

Spring has been gaining momentum over the last few weeks.  The vegies are all producing nicely and flowers are coming into bloom left, right and centre.  Some unusual spring rain about a week ago really got everything growing.  Here are some photos of what's currently in the potager and some of the flowers that are out.  More flowers are in bud so we will have some more for you very soon.  

Borlotti beans - no beanfly so far
Broccolini flowers
First broccoli

Purple vanda

Peas - took a while to get started
Root crops - schallots, garlic, beetroot, swedes and carrots

Tall marigold (?Mexican)

Strawberries from runners transplanted from Black Ram Lodge


  1. Hi Dear,
    just found you on Sue's place and cann't leave without leaving a comment. It's so wonderful to see that on the other side of the world gardening is starting while we here are going to the end. Fantastic!
    Your vedgetable and flowers do well and they are so bretty!
    All my best from an Austrian gardener

  2. Strawberries - yum. You'll be sure to net them before all those Aussi birds get to them!
    I love taking cuttings and seeds from other gardens and propagating them in my own. It's much more satisfying than buying them at a nursery.
    My grandmother has an amazing garden in Te Awamutu, and several times a year she gives us cuttings and seeds and additional plants she has thinned out - like some stunning irises.

  3. Lovely flowers!! The brocolli looks a good size ~ Good to see your garden's doing well :)


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