Monday, 21 January 2013

Return of the Colliwats

The pumpkins have begun their annual jaunt across a random section of the lawn (or rather dustbowl as it's now becoming with the lack of rain).  This year they've chosen a spot in front of the lillypilly - neatly  managing a crop rotation system all of their own.  
Last year's crop was a little disappointing.  We harvested around 20 pumpkins but most of them rotted very quickly even off the vine and allowed to dry underneath.  This year, one advantage of the dry spell has been that none of the cucurbits have had powdery mildew are looking healthier than ever.  The vigour of the pumpkin vine might also have something to do with it growing in ex-chook run terrain - I'm sure there are plenty of pockets of "fertiliser" around the place.  The vine has started to flower so now comes the wait to see what strange and wonderful form the Colliwat pumpkins will don this year.
The first potential Colliwat of the year

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