Saturday, 4 May 2013

Subtropical autumn

Traditionally we think of autumn as a time of senescence and bask in the glorious oranges and yellows that replace the sunshine as days get shorter.  Not so in sunny Brisbane.  Instead the skies shake off their stormy summer shroud and beam a brilliant blue; an entirely new set of plants flourish in the milder dry weather after muggy heat of summer.  It's one of the main growing seasons for the nostalgic British vegetables that we can't bring ourselves to banish from our plates in favour of their subtropical counterparts.

It's a gorgeous time of year to spend time in the garden so I thought I'd share some photos of a few new endeavours and old favourites in the garden.

The tea survived the summer and its blossoms have finally burst open for the first time.
Camellia sinensis
Asparagus berries (poisonous).  The spears grew over 6ft tall this year and are just starting to die back.
To me they look like baubels on a Christmas tree.

Tiny inconspicuous choko flower - I only discovered them this week.  It's the first time I've grown chokos and have to say they're not the rampant ramblers I'd been led to believe they were. Unless that's still to come of course.

Baby choko starting to develop in the leaf axil.

The Colliwats are back with a vengeance.  There are at the very least 10 pumpkins on this vigorous vine that has smothered the chook fence.

Cosmos.  Simple and white just the way I like my flowers.

Peas - snow, sugarsnap and telephone.  You can't beat peas fresh from the garden.  I'll never buy shop peas again.


  1. We got our snow peas into the ground so late - you remember we shared an earlier discussion re not being able to plant during the wet weather - that I was really surprised how many survived. Some were almost in flower. But they are doing really well and I think we will have our first couple to pick next weekend :)

    1. Glad they survived after all the wet weather. They look sappy but they're pretty tough plants. Despite that the mildew tends to get mine but not yet with this dry spell. Jealous that you'll have some ready to eat this weekend. I think our's will be a fair way off yet. Maybe I can even put in another crop before the weather cools off too much for a longer season if I get organised. We've finally got yummy carrots ready. The flavour difference to the ones in the shops is phenomenal.

      Enjoy your well earned harvest!


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