Sunday, 19 May 2013

Whinny Poo comes around for tea

There are two properties around the corner from here that are home to horses.  Occasionally we see them ambling along the roadside and through the park.  It's a refreshing sight that contrasts with the trucks and traffic that pass by our house in ever increasing volume.  While we've appreciated their equine aesthetics for a while, it was finally time they contributed in a somewhat more substantial way to the garden.  We finally stopped on the roadside and dropped our honesty in the letterbox in return for two bags full of digested end products of what they once contained.  Thankfully its presence in the boot didn't pervade the rest of the car during the short drive home.

An old lace curtain was covering the compost pile in the yard for want of a better purpose; so now having one, it was used to wrap some lumps of horse poo.  You could similarly use an old sheet or pillow case to hold and filter the faeculent fragments.

Next step is to soak the poo parcel in a bucket of water for a week.  Then remove as much liquid as you need and dilute in water to the strength of weak tea.  I would suggest to avoid using it on root crops as it is fairly high in nitrogen and will make the tops grow at the expense of the tasty tap roots.  Finally, top up the water again and again until there is hardly any poo left in the bag.  Then top up the poo and start from square one.  I'm surprised how little poo is needed to make a fairly strong concoction.  A brew like this could be made with manure from any animal - sheep, goat, alpaca, cow even camel.  Plant material like comfrey or weeds that can't be composted can also be used.

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