Sunday, 18 August 2013

Spring surprise

If you're from anywhere in Queensland or northern NSW you would have heard about our unseasonally warm winter and temperatures nearing the 30s.  We've also had our first (very early) thunderstorm for the warm season.  Spring has certainly arrived and we may well march straight on to summer by the feel of it.

The sunny warm weather meant I can't resist being out in the garden at the moment, even if my vegie patch plans have hit a snag.  The clear blue skies and gentle warmth of the sun means that even weeding is an appealing job at the moment.  It also means that the weed are growing fast and will soon go to seed if I don't get onto them.  So the fern garden was receiving its pick-over on the weekend and rewarded me for my efforts with this gorgeous surprise. The pink tints match perfectly with the housebricks and I think I  may have swooned seeing the bracts cascade over the rock wall.  I've recently planted the vanilla vine behind the tree fern in the background so looks like I've picked a good spot for orchids.


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