Saturday, 24 August 2013

Shell shocked

Since losing two of our newest chooks to what we presume was a fox, we've been religiously shutting them in the cage each night.  Sadly one of the chooks that was taken was Hopscotch (my favourite our of the new girls).  I miss her cuddles in the morning and have fond memories of her meeting me at the front door, then dorkily running after me back to the pen for breakfast when she was managing to escape from the pen.  She even went clucky at one point on the neighbour's side of the fence nestled in next to a gumtree.  I spent a week or so wondering why the girls had suddenly stopped laying.

Gonzo has recently started laying again after a very long period without a single egg.  Perhaps she was in mourning over winter after losing her friend Wheelie.  Her pure white shells stand out among the stock standard beige of all the others.

Today two of the girls had laid but one of the eggs was not quite right; it's all wrinkled with diverts around the side.  Either it was hard to get out or the shell is very thin.  We often get eggs with wrinkles in them but this one looks almost like a dinosaur or lizard egg!

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