Monday, 2 September 2013

Open Garden at Birdhaven

It had been a while since we'd gone to an Open Garden and this one came at an ideal time to explore what will grow in the local area and for a refreshing take on gardening.  Birdhaven is a vast collection of native flora that - as you probably guessed - provides a habitat and food source for many types of bird.  The garden lives up to its name with plenty of small birds and larger nectar feeders flitting through the garden the whole afternoon.
The block is about 2.5 acres in size and the owners have largely left the natural landscape untouched; including a huge natural rock formation that provides a fun place for kids to play or a lovely spot to sip a cup of tea in the afternoon.

Plantings consisted mostly of grevilleas and acacias with a huge number of different specimens of each.  Natives have also been allowed to remain or regenerate with dianellas dotted around the place and some large and medium trees acting as canopy.

As well as the extensive native garden there was a large vegetable garden and orchard complete with two beehives.  With the citrus and nasturtiums in full bloom, the bees didn't have far to go for a meal.

One of the few non-natives: Arbutus menziesii

Birds weren't the only wildlife around

The grevilleas captured the afternoon light and took on a real glow

Busy bees

A perfect winter reptilian hideaway

One of the many dianellas

Lechenaultia biloba - a real show stopper and native from WA

The scent from this was amazing but not overpowering

Doryanthes palmeri - a striking plant and flower that definitely needs a large garden with 2m long leaves
Congratulations to Denis Cox and Jan Glazebrook on a beautiful achievement both aesthetically and environmentally.

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