Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Colliwat creation

It started when a friend was staying during the Brisbane floods.  As usual the pumpkins had grown out of the compost heap and we were marvelling at the strange hybrids that had emerged like some monster of Frankenstein; knitted together from parts of the decaying bodies of previous pumpkins and given life by a mysterious dark force.  As all parents do, even those of freakish creations, I felt urged to bestow a name upon this amalgamation of pumpkin predecessors.  After several attempts the name was issued forth much like the pumpkins - a name created of the hacked bits of surname and place name, the name Colliwat.

Thus was born not only a fluctuating pumpkin hybrid but a name to describe the jumble of parts that creak, rattle and occasionally fall off the household engine that is Colliwat farm.  Dedicated to a goal of self-sufficiency and sustainability this is the story of that engine: an engine far from perfect, an engine under constant development and reinvention, yet an engine that chugs along the road lurching and swerving with the occasional backfire.

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