Sunday, 11 November 2012

Garden bed five is live

The rain clouds had quickly dissipated by late this morning leaving the soil in prime moistness for a little digging.  After a much overdue planting out of a blackcurrant, we set about clearing the grass for bed five in the crop rotation system.  Initially this was going to be a lasagna project (i.e. no dig garden bed) but with the recent rain the soil was so easy to dig and the sun was shining on our backs so instead we swung the trusty hoe.  Taking the hoe swinging in turns so that even the soil got a turn (over that is) the grass was banished surprisingly quickly.  We then chopped out a couple of recidivist weed bushes, raked out the debris from the soil and added a whole bag of composted cow manure.  To finish off I edged and mulched with sugar cane.

This bed will soon be home to corn and cucurbits and not letting anything go to waste, the new pile of grass will be turned into a wonderful compost concoction once the chooks have finished sorting through it.

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