Friday, 9 November 2012

Grey nomad

We've all seen them or at least had to follow them on the highway.  The old couple chugging along in their caravan, finally on that tour of the outback and remote areas of Australia.  I have a grey  nomad of sorts at my place.  It certainly chugs away, stopping sporadically here and there in the remote places of my backyard.  It used to trek there, trudging back and forth from home.  Now with a little help from family it  has a possibly slower route but it can visit a few places in the one trip with a little map and finger-pointing guidance and it's regained its independence after a bit of help to get started of course.  

That's right, we now have a greywater hose (second hand of course).  No more trudging up and down the backyard to tip out the washing water on the fruit trees or lawn.  No more having to keep an ear tuned for the sound of water being purged from the machine.  No more quick bucket changes so the laundry doesn't flood like the washing machine had an incontinence pad malfunction.

The only problem with the new hose is that they don't bend like they used to so to put it away is like trying to wrangle a snake; a very, very long snake.

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